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Magicjack Go 2017 Version Digital Phone Service Review

Magicjack Go 2017 Version Digital Phone Service Review


Model: K1103



    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Includes free mobile calling over WiFi on Your smartphone and tablet with magicApp
    • Free unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada
    • Free unlimited magicJack-to-magicJack calls worldwide.
    • Free Caller ID / Voicemail / Call Forwarding / Call Waiting / Conference Calling



K1103 Reviews

“Home Phone For 3 A Month Plus Free Mobile Talk/Text With Magicapp”

I’ve been a magicjack client for more than 5 years.This device takes a high speed internet connection.The magicjack GO contains 1 year old home phone service.After that it’s $35 a year($3 per month).It also has use of this magicjack app in your android or apple telephone or tablet computer,in addition to within an ipod touch.I utilize the magicApp in my android phone and tablet and get free mobile talk/text wherever I’ve a WiFi connection.The magicjack program is ideal for cell phone plans where you’ve limited talk minutes.It is also ideal for when you cant get a mobile signal but can access WiFi.You may also use the app on a mobile phone with no cellular plan at all and use it like a free WiFi phone.The app also works on 3G/4G connections.If from the country,it is possible to call back to the U.S. or even Canada for free with the app or device.Magicjack to magicjack calls are all free worldwide.You may download the program at google play or itunes.Unlike other complimentary phoning apps,magicApp allows you to make/receive calls with landlines and mobile phones in the U.S. or even Canada free of charge,not just others with the exact same app.You may send/receive text to mobile phone numbers in the U.S.I possess the program set to use my home number so whenever someone calls my home number additionally, it rings my cell phone and tablet computer as long as they are linked to WiFi or 3G/4G data.Many tablet/ipod touch owners are unaware that they can use their apparatus as a free WiFi phone.It works like a speaker phone and if you’d like a personal conversation,simply plug earbuds/headphones as the mic will still pick up your voice.I get home phone service and cell phone service for $10 a month combined using a combo of magicjack and tracfone. (magicjack and magicjack app for $3 a month and tracfone with nominal cellular talk/text/data for $7 a month). I use magicjack program on a tracfone android cell phone.The more I use magicjack app over WiFi,the more tracfone minutes I build up as any unused tracfone minutes carry over when I add a $20 tracfone card each three months.The cable internet company I use for home net has WiFi hotspots almost anyplace in my area I use to get free calls with the program and for web browsing on my smartphone and tablet.Very happy with magicjack and tracfone support as equally have worked nicely for me for several years.Note:The app still works on my Kindle Fire Hd,but the app was recently eliminated from the Amazon appstore.You could be able to sideload it.I hope to see it on the Amazon appstore again. *If you want to port an existing phone number,go to magicjack website,click on service and input the telephone number to check if it is available for porting.There is a one-time fee of $19.95 to vent your own number.However,one advantage of picking a free,new phone number for me was I got calls from telemarketers,except for perhaps 2 or 3 a year. *If you decide to port your number,do NOT cancel your additional landline service until the port is complete.It should take 3-7 days to your port to complete and during this period you will be able to make outgoing calls with magicjack however will not receive incoming calls on magicjack before the interface is complete. If entering a credit card during registration,be sure that you use a card registered at exactly the same title the magicjack has been enrolled to. *To use magicjack GO with a multi-handset cordless phone system,plug the main unit to the magicjack GO and another handsets will probably work as well.Plug that the magicjack GO in your router.I urge the Panasonic KXTG series telephones because they feature call blocking and use rechargeable AAA batteries. *If you are unsure about the gap between the magicjack GO,magicjack EXPRESS or magicjack 2014 Plus,the GO comes with 1 year of service,the EXPRESS comes with 3 months service and the 2014 Plus comes with 6 months of service(there’s also a different Plus version that had 1 year of service). You can place the magicApp to use your magicjack home telephone number for some of these devices.TROUBLESHOOTING:Over the years I did have one occasion where the power adapter ceased working.You can purchase an additional one from magicjack website (which with shipping and handling prices $5) or many smartphone/tablet USB chargers/adapters will operate also.The magicjack power jack is 5 volts/1 amp (5V/1A). I keep an extra USB charger I can use for charging my smartphone/tablet or for powering a magicjack.Amazon sells several multi-purpose USB chargers/adapters and these may also be found at most retail stores that sell electronic equipment.

Magicjack Go 2017 Version Digital Phone Service Review | K1103 Review